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Do you like my blog? Then you will probably like my book too.

Understanding Italy” is a practical and funny guide that will give you many insights into Italian culture in 23 short stories.

What will you learn? Greetings, local cultural peculiarities, dining habits, taboo topics, humor, bureaucracy, dating, friendship, nightlife, swear words, cultural archetypes, Italian proverbs – people’s wisdom, how to find a job and a place to stay, and how to avoid the culture shock, this book explains everything briefly and efficiently.

  • Your lifelong dream is to move to Italy? Read this book to avoid mistakes most expats make!
  • You already relocated to Italy and you want to know more about life in Italy and Italians? You are in the right place.

Culture represents the reality behind it. The more you know about the country you want to live in, the better.

Businesses spend $5K in cross-cultural seminars per expat family. They wouldn’t do it unless it was really important, right?

People who don’t relocate to Italy for business are on their own in the new cultural context that may feel alienating and cause feelings of distress and loneliness.

You might be thinking “This is Italy, right? Not a country I know nothing about“. In fact, the risk of culture shock is higher in cultures that are perceived as familiar due to stereotypes but remain in fact unknown.

This small book will help you to learn more about Italian culture and to become a happy traveler or expat.

This book costs less than you would pay for a pizza. Feel free to give a treat to your mind as you would treat your body. Having insider information in a few pages of a pleasant lecture is totally worth it. You can even read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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What readers say about it:

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“A lot of very interesting and useful information, written lively and with humor”.

Paul – United States

“A very interesting perspective on the life and habits of Italians through the eyes and heart of an expat. A must-read to everyone who is considering moving to Italy on a short/long term or for the curious souls out there who want to know more about the expat life”.
Maria – Iceland
“This simple guide to Italian lifestyle is helpful both for expats and for those planning a trip to the land of art, fashion, pizza, and Michelangelo. Definitely worth reading”.
Natalia – Russia
This short book contains useful information for a person who plans to move to Italy or recently did so: how to open a bank account, find a flat, etc. A lot of information gathered in one place, and this stuff is not obvious! A nice touch was the descriptions of common scams that new expats can encounter.
A big part is dedicated to cultural adaptation. I really liked how the author compares Italian culture to the perspective of several other cultures, besides her own. So different types of readers might find it useful. And for me personally, it was valuable to read some new (for me) insights on cultural adaptation that is present for me even after almost 10 years in my new country.
Katja – Sweden
“This short book is providing very precious directions about how to approach the “expat” status in Italy. The reading goes smooth even for an Italian (as I am) who wants to check the “external” point of view on many daily life situations. I would say this guide is effective and concise, although not superficial at all.
I strongly recommend reading this book to any foreigner planning to visit Italy, even for a short period only. And, somehow, also to Italians, so to have a glimpse on how WE do look from a foreigner point of view!”
Mauro – Italy




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