Culture Test


Welcome to the Culture Test!


Are you living in the right country for you?

Where can you find people who think alike?

Take this 15 questions test and you will have a better idea about the places in the world that fit you perfectly!

How much talking are you willing to do when you meet your friends or coworkers?

Is multitasking your superpower?

How do you usually plan things?

What about politeness?

Do you usually hide your feelings from others?

How do you behave during confrontations?

What do you think about the concept of “losing face”?

How often do you interrupt others as they speak?

Are you more job or people-oriented?

What do you value more - facts or people's feelings?

What about the truth?

How patient are you?

How much body language do you use?

How do you relate to hierarchy?

Do you separate the social from the professional?