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Where Can We Find Hope in Uncertainty Times? Cultural and Generational Perspective

Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response

While making our wishes on New Years' Eve we had no idea how fiercely would 2020 throw us out from the comfort zone. We were prepared and up to a certain point desensitized to local disasters. Especially when they happened in places that we perceived as remote. But this scale of health, economic, and emotional Force Majeure event? It was something new for most of us. Where can we find...


Italy getting ready for Phase 2 of coronavirus lockdown

Photo by Roberto Nickson

Given the numbers, no one expected Italy lockdown to be lifted this weekend but Italians surely hoped for more concessions from the government. On Sunday, April 26, the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte called in a press conference where he announced more gradual openings.   Coronavirus lockdown situation in Italy so far The coronavirus outbreak has been ebbing for some weeks now but the country needs to proceed with caution....



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